2015/07/18 08:30:30



Our Big Plane fly-in is just two weeks away!!  Remember 4 years ago??  Some of my first photos occurred there.  Wanna see??  Click HERE.


Roster updated..


HAPPY 4th!!  We were flying last year, See HERE!


Working on pictures… Click HERE to see.  We now have a Youtube Channel!!  Yay Bees!


The Dawn Patrol is over.  We had a decent turnout considering the rain drops.  Got some good flying in until about 1:00 when it really started coming down.  Check out the pictures in the movie below!!!

Dawn Patrol

Maiden Flight……


He made great strides last year and is now flying high!

It’s Dwight Bee!

(swipe over the picture to see!!..  TaDa!!)

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