Alliance Balsa Bees

Balsa Bees Big Family Fun Fly happening in................









There is a Ginormous Yard Sale on Saturday..  Actually they should call it an RC Flea Market!  Tons of cool stuff, stop on by before you go to Flitefest!!  Got stuff you want to sell??  Bring it along with a comfy chair, there will be room for you!!  See the flyer below for location..

The Dawn Patrol was a success!  Everyone had a good time and Rick did an outstanding job in running the show!  Thank you to everyone for coming out and helping..  Pictures will be up in a couple days, in the mean time I added a movie you can see below.

Our meeting this month will be Friday the 15th instead of Thursday.  This way we can clean up the field, have a BBQ and fly some planes.  Oh and have a meeting, we will do that too.   The Dawn Patrol is the next day.  Get your WWI planes ready and come on out!  Spectators always welcome, we will have the famous Crash & Burn Grill up and running!

All of our Sanctions have been submitted to the AMA.  Dawn Patrol is June 16th, Big Family Fun Fly is July 21st and our War Bird Fly-In is August 18th.  Our events this year are easy to remember, the 3rd Saturday of each month!!

To see more of the Balsa Bees, check out our Youtube Channel by clicking HERE.