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Balsa Bees


As of NOW, please send dues to Lou.  His address is on the application in the Join section. 

WELCOME to our newest Bee,   Jeff Kodysz! 

Our next meeting is November 14th, 7:00 pm at a new location!  We will be meeting this winter at Mission BBQ in Canton.  The address is 4490 Everhard Rd NW, Canton, OH 44718.  Click HERE for a map.  See y’all there!

We had our meeting October 10th, with 20 members in attendance.  It was our election meeting, Congratulations to our new leaders!!!

Rich Jacobs is our new Fearless Leader!!  Gordon remains as Vice President, our favorite #2.  Jerry Haynam stepped up and is our new Secretary.  Matt Miller has taken over as our Safety Officer.  AND there was a vote for Treasurer.. Between Lisa and Lou… Lou won by one vote! So after November 14th, dues should be sent to Lou Scherer..

Again, CONGRATULATIONS Everyone! Happy Flying and see y’all in the sky!!

Christmas Party happening in ............................








To see more of the Balsa Bees, check out our Youtube Channel by clicking HERE.