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We have been invited by a local veterans help organization to set up an aircraft display at the Carnation Mall in Alliance on Saturday, May 5th.   ALL local RC clubs are invited to join, the more the merrier!!  This will give us an opportunity for some public exposure and possibly recruit new members as well as help the veterans groups.  The group specializes in helping veterans in all facets of life from job searching, medical and financial help.  If you are a veteran with a question, they can help!

Another batch of cards has gone out.  As of today, we have 36 official Bees..

All of our Sanctions have been submitted to the AMA.  Dawn Patrol is June 16th, Big Family Fun Fly is July 21st and our War Bird Fly-In is August 18th.  Our events this year are easy to remember, the 3rd Saturday of each month!!

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Posted by Planes are my life on Saturday, October 15, 2016

To see more of the Balsa Bees, check out our Youtube Channel by clicking HERE.