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Our Christmas Party is scheduled for December 14th at Tozzis in Canton.  Drinks at 6, food at 7pm.  Please make sure you contact John if you plan on attending.  They would like a close count from us to prepare.  See y’all there!

Our favorite #2 should be home by now.. Give him a call or go visit him, it will help him heal faster.  That’s the rumor anyway!!

We had our November meeting and if you missed it, I’m sure by now you have heard about it..  It was EPIC to say the least.   One issue in particular was brought up by Lou concerning helicopters and quadcopters.  After review, the issue is now resolved.  It was the March meeting, 2013 when this very issue concerning helicopters was brought up and voted on.  I have printed below the entire meeting’s minutes.  If you wish to skip ahead to the area in question, I put ***  ***  around the area..  May I suggest we get a nice sign for the area, so any potential copter pilots will know they are welcome!

The full minutes of this meeting will be ready in a day or two.  In the meantime, please read the “throw-back” meeting:



Club Meeting Buzz

Our meeting was held on March 14th, 2013 with 17 members present.  Our 2nd in Command John read the minutes & Our Keeper of the Wealth Bob gave a brief treasurer’s report, and reported 39 members at last count.  And a Big WELCOME to Bill Pratt.  He joined us at our meeting and is our newest Bee!

By the end of the month, Lou will get to the field to check our first aid kit and equipment, Lisa will have the new signs made and put up and Bill P. will have the radio and battery back out and operational.  (Thanks Bill, your a doll !!)

Bob has decided to step down as Our Keeper of the Wealth.  Lisa will be transitioning in to replace him.  For now, this will combine the two positions again.

Our Dawn Patrol is fast approaching, 96 days and counting!!  We had flyers at the meeting for anyone who wanted to grab some to pass out at hobby shops and the like.  We are also interested in having a commentator for our events!  If you are a Balsa Bee that knows airplanes and likes talking, a lot, you may be the one for the job!!  If you are interested, please contact any of our officers.  (Don’t forget Gordon, Rick volunteered to help you if you do an event!)

Bob the Keeper, spoke about our starting time at the field.  He passed around a letter from Lexington Township concerning their noise ordinance and the fact that they have never had a noise complaint concerning our club.  With this in mind, Bob made a motion to change our field flying start time to 8:00 a.m.  This was seconded by Rod G. and passed unanimously.

The idea of having a separate Savings Account, or money specifically earmarked for field use only was discussed and ultimately tabled.

We would like to have a set schedule for mowing the grass this year. This will be discussed further, and we will decide what days it will be done.  To avoid multiple receipts from multiple people, Bob K. made a motion to for us to buy a gas gift card.  This was seconded by Rich Moser and passed by everyone.

Our Fearless Leader Tom will be contacting Forrest about rolling our field and parking area.

***Next we talked about helicopters.  We have several members who have been learning from our local Heli-Expert, Tom Erb.  With this in mind, Gordon made a motion to designate the area to the far east of the field, by the trees, a helicopter area.  This area will be for practice & hovering.  General flying of helicopters will stay in the same pattern as our airplanes.  This was seconded by 2nd John and passed by all members present.***

Jim M., our Dawn Patrol CD, brought up the possibility of having a plane to raffle.  We immediately searched online (thanks Chicken Manor for the WiFi ) and found a 22% Nieuport-28 ARF for $189.00.  Ken A. made a motion to buy this for our Dawn Patrol Raffle.  Gordon 2nd’d it and the motion was passed by all!

Ken A. made a motion we spend $30.00 on small balsa planes to give to kids who attend our events.  Ken will pick these up at $0.69 each.  Seconded by Rick J. and passed by majority.

Our meeting ended about 8:00 p.m.  Motion to adjourn by Bob, 2nd’d by Ken, Passed by all.  **Special Note to Jim B.  If you promise to come to the next meeting, I promise to get you donuts!

October 11, 2018

The October meeting took place with 14 members present.   Only one person agreed to accept a nomination for president, we voted and our new Fearless Leader is John Zoldak!  He has pretty much taken over the grass cutting since the others gave it up.  There is a definite trend of fearless leaders cutting the grass.   Over the years, it seems THAT is the main job of the president!!  Gordon agreed to remain as our favorite #2 and we have a new Safety Officer.  Tony Collins-Sibley has stepped up in this role.  No one wanted to take over the secretary position so I am doing it for one more year.  Fair Warning….  🙂  Thanks to everyone who will now keep the Balsa Bees alive for another year!!

To see more of the Balsa Bees, check out our Youtube Channel by clicking HERE.